A Warrant of Fitness, or a WoF, is a regular check-up that your automotive vehicle requires once a year if it is under six years old from the manufacture date. If it is older than six years from the manufacture date, it requires a WoF check-up twice a year.

These check-ups are to determine if the vehicle meets required safety standards. While it is only necessary to meet the safety standards at the time of inspection, it is advised that you maintain your vehicle year-round.

A Warrant of Fitness is a mandatory inspection in New Zealand and is basically a road safety measure that helps to make sure you and everyone else on the road are driving safely.

What if you fail the inspection? Well, you won’t be legally allowed to drive it unless it’s explicitly for the purpose of passing the WoF, like driving to your mechanic’s workshop. You have twenty-eight days to fix all failed items. If you exceed twenty eight days, a new fee and inspection is required, while if you are under twenty-eight days, there is no extra charge. This is a legal requirement, and does not change from place to place or workshop to workshop.

If your automotive vehicle is stopped and checked by a police officer and the car is not up-to-date on its WoF, then you as the owner will be subjected to a hefty fine – currently $200 for no valid WoF. The cost of a Warrant of Fitness is quite reasonable at Hamilton Automotive Repairs and can be conducted at the same time a your regular car servicing.

If your car is due, or overdue, for a Warrant of Fitness inspection just contact the team at Hamilton Automotive Repairs. The team can undertake a Warrant of Fitness inspection and rectify any issues as necessary.