The Best Warrant of Fitness in Hamilton

If you are looking for a Warrant of Fitness in Hamilton then you have come to right place. The team at Hamilton Automotive are fully certified to give your car a full legal WoF check and certificate.

The History of a Warrant of Fitness

 How did a Warrant of Fitness come about you might ask? Well in New Zealand our government has always been about safety and functionality and that is why the Warrant of Fitness law was passed in the 1930s. It was initially set up to ensure that the vehicles at that time were safe on the road and less likely to fail and cause accidents. This was the beginning of what we still use today to ensure the safety of our roads.

Without a Warrant of Fitness, your car is being illegally driven and if caught could lead to major fines and penalties. At the beginning, it was expected that each car was to renew their WoF every 6 months. As technology has progressed over the last 80 years, cars have become more reliable and less likely to cause accidents due to engine failure. Due to these advances, the government has put new systems in place to help you save money and at the same time still ensuring that the roads are kept safe.

In mid-2014, the new law was passed that not all cars needed to go for a Warrant of Fitness every 6 months. If your car was made after the year 2000 then you will only need to take your car of a Warrant of Fitness. Anything older than that will still fall into the same old regime of every 6 months. To make it even easier brand-new car that is registered for the first time will not need a Warrant of Fitness for the first 3 years.

Getting a Warrant of Fitness in Hamilton is simple and easy and not getting you have no excuse to not have your WoF on time with the team at Hamilton Automotive. Pop into to the store before, at lunchtime or after work, they are always more than happy to help.

Or, to just simply find out more information about getting a Warrant of Fitness in Hamilton then give them a call at 07 847 1865.