All machines after continuous use are going to have simple wear and tear problems, and cars are no exception. Car repairs are a natural part of owning a vehicle, and the right repair job will keep you safe while driving and also ensure your car doesn’t cost more than it should in fuel consumption and other smaller repairs.

We’ve put together this short article showing the most common car repairs we tend to see.

Worn brakes

Brake repairs are the most common type of car repairs that mechanics tend to see. Brake pads tend to wear through relatively quickly because of their high use. Normally this is a low cost repair service, however, if there are problems with the brake disc, rotors and the drum, then it could be more expensive, so it’s best to get them checked regularly to avoid a shock.

A simple oil change

Oil changes are essential for any car and should be carried out on a regular basis. In fact, mechanics recommend an oil change for every few thousand kilometres that your vehicle has clocked up. A regular oil change will keep your engine in good health and also increase the resale value of your car.

Worn or damaged tyres

When it comes to car repairs, tyres are always up there when it comes to safety. Tyres are checked for alignment, depth of the treading and leaks. While most cars today have tubeless tyres which last quite a long time, they are still prone to damage and may need replacement after a certain amount of Kms. If a mechanic suggests a tyre replacement, it may turn out to be more expensive then you had originally planned.

The Electrics of the car

Car Repairs also include blown fuses, bulb replacement and Air-con repairs. All these things come under the electrical systems. However, these are minor problems. If there is a more serious electrical system problem, it may take a bit longer to fix.