Car servicing is a must, but most reliable and trustworthy mechanics will tell you that you need to maintain your vehicle between these servicing schedules. So, here are some tips, from the mechanics at Hamilton Automotive Repairs, that you can follow to maintain your vehicle between car servicing.

1. Engine Oil: Make sure you maintain the engine oil. Just check the dipstick to see the level of the oil and if it is low, it requires refilling.

2. Tyre Pressure: Over- or under-inflated tyres can make your car into a fuel guzzler and wear out the tyres quickly. Check your car manual to find the optimal tyre pressure and make sure you have a gauge to check the pressure every few weeks.

3. Tyre Tread: Worn out tyre treads make driving unsafe and also put stress on the engine. Also, if the treads have worn out, your vehicle will fail the warrant of fitness inspection. So physically check the tyre treads on a monthly basis.

4. Coolant: Your radiator is responsible for cooling the engine system and preventing it from overheating. So check the radiator regularly and top up the coolant levels if it is less. If the coolant appears rusty, you need the services of a mechanic.

5. Screenwash: If you have dirty windscreen, you will not be able to see the road in front of you. This can be dangerous. So make sure you keep the screenwash always full and in winters add an anti-freeze to prevent the screenwash from freezing on your windscreen.

6. Car Battery: While car battery tinkering is best left to mechanics, you can still make sure it is in good state. Open the filler caps located at the top of the battery and add distilled water if the cell plates are exposed.

7. Lights: Always check all the lights of your car before leaving home. This will keep you and others safe and also prevent your vehicle from looking dirty and unkempt.

8. Car Body: Conduct a physical check of the car body to ensure there is no rust setting in. Also, wash and wax your car regularly. It will prevent rust and keep the body in good condition.

9. Windscreen: Inspect the windscreen regularly for damage, cracks and chips. Not only can damage distract you while driving, it also can impair your line of vision.

10. Air Conditioning System: Most mechanics will tell you to leave AC systems to them, but you can conduct a basic check, such as examining the belt for tightness and/or wear and tear. If you notice a problem, you need a qualified mechanic to fix it.