Hybrid vehicles (vehicles that run on diesel, petrol and/or electricity) are very ‘in’ in theses days of insane fuel price surges and our obsession with leaving a carbon footprint. They are getting better and better by unending research and development activities and are easily hailed as the vehicles for tomorrow. However, driving a specialised vehicle means specialised vehicle service for it. Here’s where the problem sets in. A select few drivers have enough knowledge of hybrid vehicles. The same goes for repair and maintenance experts. Here are some things you should look out for while getting vehicle service for your hybrid car.

a) The regular checks: As with any other vehicle, regular check of engine oil, coolant, radiators, tyres and overall engine health is conducted before anything else. Any discrepancy in these is fixed before moving on to the specialised vehicle service.

b) Batteries and electronic parts: Since hybrid vehicles use highly advanced technology, their batteries rarely need replacement. Neither do the other electrical parts. Vehicle service for these parts demands a simple check.

c) Brakes: Regenerative braking reduces the regular wear and tear of the brakes in a hybrid vehicle. Vehicle service simply involves checking the brake pads.

d) Safety Requirements: Since hybrid cars that run on electricity use high voltage electrical systems, these parts require sealed shell containers that must be regularly checked for short circuiting, overcharging, effects of humidity and water immersion.

Hybrid cars have very few moving parts, and thus, the need for repair and vehicle service decreases. However, regular checks by the team at Hamilton Automotive are required to ensure a safe driving experience.