A car repair bill is a normal part of owning a vehicle, and is just a necessary evil that every car owner must simply accept. However, there’ll come a point when you must decide if it’s even worth fixing your vehicle, or if it’s better to just buy a new one. We’ve put together these points to give you some help when it comes to making that decision.


Think about other costs

It’s not as simple as the car repair costing X and a new car costs Y, so it’s worth it. You need to think about other costs, such as insurance for a new car, weekly payments if you’re not buying it outright, any repairs a new car might need. Work out how much you’re going to spend on car repair with your old one over the next several years and how much a new car will cost over the same period.


When the car repair is more expensive than your car

It may seem obvious, but some people are constantly dipping into their wallets for car repair to keep an old banger on the road. It may be for sentimental reasons, or some may think they wouldn’t get anything if they sold it, so might as well keep it going, but this is just throwing money away. It’s time to invest in a new vehicle one. Remember, you can’t polish a turd!

Consider future repairs

Talk to your mechanic about the state of your car and what could possibly go wrong with it in the next couple of years. If you need some car repair jobs done immediately, but it’s only going to be a temporary measure, then there’s no point in paying hundreds now, only to be back in 12 months with another problem.


Safety concerns

Older cars tend to be more dangerous on the roads. Not only are they more likely to break down, but they weren’t built with the astonishing safety features that modern day cars have. If can’t decide whether to book in for a car repair or go for a new car altogether, this should definitely be a factor in your decision making.