Everyone knows that a regular oil changes is important, but do you really understand the principle behind it?

Basically, oil is a lubricant. The spaces between the moving parts in your cars engine are quite small, and oil is used to keep these metal parts from touching. So not only does it make things move smoother, it also carries heat away.

Oil also contains several key additives which are important – detergent to keep dirt suspended and moving to the filter and anti-friction additives in case metal parts ever do touch, anti-corrosive additives that prevent the metal parts from corroding, and anti-foaming agents to prevent bubbles as the oil is agitated by the moving parts.

Having an oil change on regularly will help keep your car running at its peak performance, maximising its life, and getting the most when it comes to power by ensuring all cylinders are firing as efficiently as possible.

What happens if you ignore an oil change? Skipping an oil change can cause significant damage to your engine. Not having enough oil or having oil that is no longer good due to dirt build-up, can cause moving parts to jam, to not work correctly or even fail altogether.

Skipping an oil change is just about the worst thing you can do to your car’s engine, which is why the team at Hamilton Automotive complete an oil test, oil change and changing of oil filters as part of every car service. If it has been a while since you’ve had an oil change, then come in and see us today.