Young drivers have unique car servicing needs, as it is the first time in their life that they are handling their own vehicle and also tend to be rough while using it. As a new driver, you need to understand your vehicle irrespective of its age, make or type. The most important thing to know is the car maintenance needs and its schedule. This makes the car safer to drive; and proper maintenance can save hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Here are some tips from Hamilton Automotive Repairs for parents and young drivers to understand the car servicing needs:

    • Stick a schedule of car servicing on the front panel of the car. A small print out of dates and car maintenance schedule can act as a reminder.
    • Always keep the owner’s manual handy in the car. There is important information about the car in the manual that a young driver may not be aware of.
    • Make sure your youngster accompanies you to the automotive workshop each time you take the vehicle. This way they become more independent of their car’s servicing needs and they also will become responsible towards their vehicle.
    • Always teach them emergency car repair techniques like starting the engine when the battery is dead or if there is a break down.
    • Speak to them about the importance of safety and checking fluids that need to be replenished regularly. Also, they should know where the most important parts of the car are located under the bonnet.

A regular car servicing, preferably every 3 months, will help your youngster understand the needs of the car better.