The most common cause of mechanical failure in cars is not the engine, but the transmission!

Our technicians are on hand to provide a health check for your car that will confirm what the problem is.

Automatic transmissions typically fail due to internally overheating. This is usually a direct result of poor maintenance.

Warning Signs of a failing Transmission:

  • A delay in take-off

  • Shuddering

  • Shifting gears isn’t as smooth

  • Reverse gear is particularly stubborn

Automatic Transmission servicing will help extending the life of your transmission and in most cases provide smoother gear changes. Automatic transmissions need flushing & servicing every 40,000kms. If you often use your vehicle to tow or haul heavy loads then the service should be carried out more often as this can cause early transmission failure.

Our team at Hamilton Automotive highly recommend that you make getting a transmission flush and new transmission fluid a priority when buying a new car.

Most drivers are aware that they need to change their oil on a regular basis, however the transmission is often neglected for the lifetime of the vehicle.

As there is only a small amount of transmission oil, a leaking transmission can cause significant damage fast.

If this happens the transmission will cook from the inside out like a microwave!

With no warning light for transmission faults, our service will provide the check you need to tell you how much life is left in your transmission oil.

Here at Hamilton Automotive our technicians only use premium, high-grade, fully synthetic fluid.

For all of your Automatic Transmission Servicing needs, Hamilton Automotive are the team for you! Contact us today on: (07) 847 1865.

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