Depending on your driving habits, your clutch should last between 4 to 7 years. A slipping or worn clutch is often the cause of finding yourself needing roadside rescue. When a clutch fails the flywheel can be damaged, adding more expense to an already serious, mechanical problem.

You’ll be happy to know we can complete a clutch adjustment in less than 10 minutes!

As mentioned, the way you drive plays a big part in determining what the life of your clutch will be. If you ride the clutch you are keeping the clutch partially disengaged. Doing this causes your clutch premature wear.

Signs that indicate your clutch may be failing:

  • You notice shuddering when taking off

  • Difficulty changing gears

  • Noisy gear shifts

  • The response from your clutch pedal has diminished

  • High revs from a standing start, or when going up hills.

At Hamilton Automotive we are highly trained in diagnosing any problems of this nature.

Clutch Service. Our mechanics will check the free play (adjustment) in your clutch cable and adjust if necessary, check the clutch fluid (hydraulic system) and road test your vehicle.

Clutch Repairs / Replacements. If your car clutch needs repairs or replacements we can diagnose and repair / replace if necessary.

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