The cost you pay at the pump is the highest ongoing cost to driving. With fuel prices continuing to rise, it pays to keep an eye on how much fuel your vehicle is using. You may be spending more than you need to on fuel and prematurely wearing out your engine.

At Hamilton Automotive we have state of the art emission testing equipment, we can tell you if your car is running at maximum efficiency. Our emission testing will tell us if you’re using the wrong fuel, or too much fuel for your car. This can lead to blockages in your exhaust system and a loss of performance.

Our experienced team are also well trained in compliance testing for modified vehicles and decibel limits for big bore exhausts.

If caring about the environment is important to you, you can minimise your carbon footprint, by getting your car tested for emissions.

Finding and repairing serious faults, like, an oxygen sensor malfunction, can improve your fuel consumption by up to as much as 40%!

Changing your driving habits can dramatically affect your fuel economy.

  • Watch your speed. At 80Kms, 50% of your fuel is being using to overcome wind resistance.

  • Avoid driving aggressively. Rapid acceleration and deceleration increases fuel use.

  • Drive at a steady speed, allow enough following distance, stopping the need to jam on the brakes.

  • Properly inflate your tyres.

  • Under-inflation puts strain on your engine, in addition to reducing the safety of your vehicle.

  • Have your engine tuned regularly. A well maintained engine is at least 4% more efficient.

  • Keep your windows up when driving at higher speeds. The increased turbulence caused by the windows being down will mean you use more fuel.

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